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The properties of iron pipes operating on their prices of

Pipes represent industrial special products from a round profile with invariable section, produce them as from different metals and alloys, concrete and ceramics, and from plastic or glass. They are used for transportation of the most different environments, and often meeting and effective material for production of pipes is steel of which do usually electrowelded or seamless iron designs. They are used in the most different innumerable areas and Continue reading

Comparison of iron, copper pipes of

Modern water supply systems all are more often established from polipropilenovy pipes, but, nevertheless, the pipe iron is in demand, besides there are certain service conditions at which application only them is necessary. That type of these products can provide an additional krepkost to all pipeline.

Despite of the highest конкурентнсть from polypropylene, it is possible to allocate the main pluses of iron pipes. It is the low price, on comparison Continue reading

Installation of sinks of

Installation of sinks of
Installation methods. The modern design offers different solutions of installation of clay and metal bathroom equipment. Washrooms and dishwashing sinks can be established as permanently, not permanently. In the latter case the product is equipped with a special curbstone, together with other elements of the completed set. Such sink can be removed as required from a wall together with a curbstone. Usually, these products are equipped with Continue reading

Water supply system installation. We choose pipes of

The richness of the most various materials for installation of a water supply system and heating nonpluses sometimes even the experts who have tasted taste what here to say about personal builders which to have to face this discrepancy one, at most twice in life. Usually heating system and system of water supply was created with introduction of iron pipes, but during the current time metalplastic and polipropilenovy analogs use the increasing popularity. Continue reading

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of
For today polipropilenovy pipes filled practically all consumer market. Their wide range of introduction and long service life made the business. Demand for polipropilenovy pipes so grew that surpassed all own water companions. They are used for all types of water supply and heating systems. At all this, it is better додерживаться than councils of producers.

Polipropilenovye pipes and fitting

Fitting serves as a connecting element Continue reading

Choice of pipes for a water supply system of

Choice of pipes for a water supply system of
дпя productions of pipes it is necessary to choose a material, starting with criterion of use of your water supply system. Pipes produce from cast iron, steel, rubber, polymers (plastic pipes) and metalplastic. In our days thanks to mass of pluses the most popular is the polymeric material. Pipes from it are simply and promptly established, they small on weight, have big term of operation and are not subject to corrosion. Also internal surface Continue reading

The main stages of assembly of pipelines – 1 part

The main stages of assembly of pipelines - 1 part
Many pipelines have difficult spatial structure and contain a number of different details, such as branches iron, transitions iron concentric or tees shtamposvarny.

Assembly of parts of pipelines is not difficult and consists of several steps:

1. Before pipe assembly, iron and other details laboriously smooth out tees, releasing them from stuck грязищи, scales and rusts. It is most ideal to create cleaning by means of the electronic or Continue reading

History of pipes of

History of pipes of
The 1st standards of pipes can be met in historical chronicles of times of the Roman Empire, also at excavation of the cities of the Old East. At that time they were made of a tree, namely – a bamboo, also from clay, and did one of 2 functions or worked as a water supply system, or – as sewer branch. But already in Old Rome started to try to create pipes from metal, in particular from lead of which was at that time extracted very much and it Continue reading

The main stages of assembly of pipelines – the 2nd part

The main stages of assembly of pipelines - the 2nd part
It is necessary to hold in the head that welding of welded pryamoshovny pipes has certain features, namely, seams of adjoining pipes should be shifted on the third part of length of a circle (40мм and least) or on 100мм (a diameter more pipes more 100мм). Flanges iron are welded so that the mirror of a flange was strictly perpendicular to a pipe axis that is reached by introduction of a special square.

The distance from a welded seam prior Continue reading

Systems of the sewerage

Systems of the sewerage
Systems of the sewerage represent built in walls, a floor, the earth of a pipe which are created for a conclusion, also removal of the rain water, the fulfilled water, from the house, a yard, inhabited yards, streets, the areas, roads. Systems of water drainage exists strongly much, but we will make out systems of the sewerage more popular and quite often used in modern construction.

The most 1st system dot whirlpool – this system means itself Continue reading