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The properties of iron pipes operating on their prices of

Pipes represent industrial special products from a round profile with invariable section, produce them as from different metals and alloys, concrete and ceramics, and from plastic or glass. They are used for transportation of the most different environments, and often meeting and effective material for production of pipes is steel of which do usually electrowelded or seamless iron designs. They are used in the most different innumerable areas and Continue reading

Comparison of iron, copper pipes of

Modern water supply systems all are more often established from polipropilenovy pipes, but, nevertheless, the pipe iron is in demand, besides there are certain service conditions at which application only them is necessary. That type of these products can provide an additional krepkost to all pipeline.

Despite of the highest конкурентнсть from polypropylene, it is possible to allocate the main pluses of iron pipes. It is the low price, on comparison Continue reading

Installation of sinks of

Installation of sinks of
Installation methods. The modern design offers different solutions of installation of clay and metal bathroom equipment. Washrooms and dishwashing sinks can be established as permanently, not permanently. In the latter case the product is equipped with a special curbstone, together with other elements of the completed set. Such sink can be removed as required from a wall together with a curbstone. Usually, these products are equipped with Continue reading

Water supply system installation. We choose pipes of

The richness of the most various materials for installation of a water supply system and heating nonpluses sometimes even the experts who have tasted taste what here to say about personal builders which to have to face this discrepancy one, at most twice in life. Usually heating system and system of water supply was created with introduction of iron pipes, but during the current time metalplastic and polipropilenovy analogs use the increasing popularity. Continue reading

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of

Polipropilenovye of a pipe of
For today polipropilenovy pipes filled practically all consumer market. Their wide range of introduction and long service life made the business. Demand for polipropilenovy pipes so grew that surpassed all own water companions. They are used for all types of water supply and heating systems. At all this, it is better додерживаться than councils of producers.

Polipropilenovye pipes and fitting

Fitting serves as a connecting element Continue reading

Pipes goryachedeformirovanny, seamless, iron

Pipes goryachedeformirovanny, seamless, iron
For pipeline laying though what mission, high-quality pipes are necessary. There are many versions of such products suitable for these purposes as creation of accurate equipment, cryogenic equipment, a pipe are used in shipbuilding, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering, in a car and the chemical industries. But we will have a talk about the goryachedeformirovanny.

Pipe seamless goryachedeformirovanny GOST 8732-78 assortments on an external Continue reading

Plastic pipes of

For many years iron pipes were a basis actually all systems of water supply. But a zaintrigovannost in increase in durability of systems and as in fall of their metal consumption, always set thinking on application of the pipes made of new types of materials. For today polymers (base of all plastic pipes) became such other materials. The beginning of introduction of these materials opened the latest era in the history of water supply. For today Continue reading

Metal a drain with a covering from пурала

Metal a drain with a covering from пурала
The modern water waste system is unique special system which serves for water drainage from a roof, that branch is very important for though what roof. This water waste system not only only dewaters from a roof and perfectly protects a facade, the base and a roof of a structure. Such drains there are now many types, from plastic usual drains to iron systems with a different general sheeting. These devices will be effective and convenient not Continue reading

Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches

Starting in the apartment repair, we wish, that the new interior looked absolutely – finely, comfortably, warmly. And so happens unpleasantly to look at rough squares of the hatches necessary for Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches
access to communications! We hurry to amuse all buyers – with new secret hatches from Praktika design production company it is possible to forget about that dilemma!

Tablet invisible hatches in – 1-x, provide access to all necessary knots of Continue reading

As we changed a pig-iron sewer pipe in a toilet.

We have in the apartment an ancient metal pipe of the 50th years of construction. Never anybody changed it, only painted. The crack went to a certain moment on a pipe on a bell. The crack went irrespective of any circumstances, anybody on a pipe did not thrash, simply the pipe burst. From it as surprisingly did not flow and did not reach any aroma. Certainly, any external part of cast iron burst, nevertheless, in its year was decided to change Continue reading