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The main stages of assembly of pipelines – the 2nd part

The main stages of assembly of pipelines - the 2nd part
It is necessary to hold in the head that welding of welded pryamoshovny pipes has certain features, namely, seams of adjoining pipes should be shifted on the third part of length of a circle (40мм and least) or on 100мм (a diameter more pipes more 100мм). Flanges iron are welded so that the mirror of a flange was strictly perpendicular to a pipe axis that is reached by introduction of a special square.

The distance from a welded seam prior Continue reading

Systems of the sewerage

Systems of the sewerage
Systems of the sewerage represent built in walls, a floor, the earth of a pipe which are created for a conclusion, also removal of the rain water, the fulfilled water, from the house, a yard, inhabited yards, streets, the areas, roads. Systems of water drainage exists strongly much, but we will make out systems of the sewerage more popular and quite often used in modern construction.

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Pipes goryachedeformirovanny, seamless, iron

Pipes goryachedeformirovanny, seamless, iron
For pipeline laying though what mission, high-quality pipes are necessary. There are many versions of such products suitable for these purposes as creation of accurate equipment, cryogenic equipment, a pipe are used in shipbuilding, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering, in a car and the chemical industries. But we will have a talk about the goryachedeformirovanny.

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Plastic pipes of

For many years iron pipes were a basis actually all systems of water supply. But a zaintrigovannost in increase in durability of systems and as in fall of their metal consumption, always set thinking on application of the pipes made of new types of materials. For today polymers (base of all plastic pipes) became such other materials. The beginning of introduction of these materials opened the latest era in the history of water supply. For today Continue reading

Metal a drain with a covering from пурала

Metal a drain with a covering from пурала
The modern water waste system is unique special system which serves for water drainage from a roof, that branch is very important for though what roof. This water waste system not only only dewaters from a roof and perfectly protects a facade, the base and a roof of a structure. Such drains there are now many types, from plastic usual drains to iron systems with a different general sheeting. These devices will be effective and convenient not Continue reading

Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches

Starting in the apartment repair, we wish, that the new interior looked absolutely – finely, comfortably, warmly. And so happens unpleasantly to look at rough squares of the hatches necessary for Bathroom pipe; invisible hatches
access to communications! We hurry to amuse all buyers – with new secret hatches from Praktika design production company it is possible to forget about that dilemma!

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