Installation of a toilet bowl

If you were going to establish a toilet bowl by own efforts, it is necessary to consider that toilet bowl installation – process careful, demanding care and attention. Process of installation of a toilet bowl, conceals a large quantity of opposite aspects and threats. At toilet bowl installation to you it is necessary directly or to work indirectly with a sewer pipe therefore if over you there live neighbors, consider, that on a sewer pipe products of their activity can run.

While you prepare a place under your future toilet bowl, the sewer opening is most ideal for closing a special cap if such is not present available, it is possible to use a rag if it not to make that, it will be possible to observe, how your apartment will be flooded with excrements, will work then to you not absolutely with comfort.

Installation of a toilet bowl
Upon toilet bowl purchase by all means fixedly examine a toilet bowl that on it there were no chips, cracks and scratches, check a complete set of all accompanying details and devices. Even the small crack or a chip, in a toilet bowl installation time, can grow in few times and split it in half. After you checked integrity of your toilet bowl, track that it perfectly packed and penoplastovy laying, ceramics of toilet bowls very fragile put and simply fights from the smallest blows.

After a toilet bowl delivered from shop, it is possible to start to work on its installation if you received a toilet bowl during the winter period that, it is necessary that before installation the toilet bowl was warmed at room temperature. Installation of a toilet bowl is made in some steps.

Installation of a toilet bowl
Before installation block water which arrives to a smyvny tank if there is no separate gate on smyvny a toilet bowl tank that, block absolutely the line of cool water in your apartment or in that room where there will be a toilet bowl installation. Disconnect a flexible eyeliner from an old smyvny flank and carefully remove it from an old toilet bowl. Turn off a starenky toilet bowl from a floor if it is filled in with cement substance that, by means of a chisel аккуратненько liberate a toilet bowl sole from solution.

After the starenky toilet bowl holds nothing, without inclining, and accurately horizontally extend it from a sewer pipe. On released toilet bowl release, put on a plastic bag to avoid casual course of the waste which has remained in it.

Under a new toilet bowl prepare a platform on which it will stand, the floor under a toilet bowl should be rovnenky and firm. Following the enclosed summary, collect smyvny a tank and fix it on a toilet bowl. Put a toilet bowl on that place where it will establish and note on a floor krepchalyozhny openings, remove it aside and drill openings. Then аккуратненько put it into place, fasten, connect a flexible eyeliner to a smyvny tank, check, that anywhere did not leak and if everything is dry, it is possible to use it on mission.

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