Lets have a talk about toilet bowls

For today the market of bathroom equipment offers enough large quantity of models of the toilet bowls differing from each other not only only external shape and technical parameters.

At a toilet bowl choice at first it is necessary to take into account the room area in what it will be established. If there is not so a lot of empty seat, it is better to use hinged models of toilet bowls. Visually they take less place, than floor toilet bowls. As it is possible to direct the attention to special models of toilet bowls without a tank. Devices of such toilet bowls are connected by Smyvnye specifically to a water pipe. Getting a toilet bowl, it is necessary to be convinced fixing parts available delivered in a set. Installation is most ideal to entrust specialists of firm seller.
Lets have a talk about toilet bowls

It is dependent on the direction of releases by means of which toilet bowls are connected to the sewer systems, all toilet bowls can be divided into toilet bowls with direct, slanting and vertical releases. Toilet bowls with vertical releases are installed when the ditch is deduced from a floor. Slanting and horizontal releases are more universal.

On a method actuating of the drain device it is possible to make division of toilet bowls on in what it is necessary to pull a rod up and in what it is required to press the button or the button. The Shtokovy fittings meet for today everything more rare and more rare, in the main thing are exclusive in starenky models. Toilet bowls with the push-button mechanism plum are in turn divided one-high-speed and two-high-speed. Two-high-speed have in addition the second button of dumping of water, by pressing on which becomes plums of water of the smallest volume.

It is dependent on a type of the mechanism of a supply of water it is possible to make division into toilet bowls with the top supply of water in an accumulative tank and toilet bowls with the bottom supply. Toilet bowls with the bottom supply of water use bigger popularity at the expense of more esthetic external shape (the hose bringing water is low) and noiselessness when filling an accumulative tank by water.

As a whole on a design toilet bowls can be issued in the form of monoblocks in what the toilet bowl and a tank represent a whole, and in "separate" performance when the toilet bowl and a tank represent separate products. As with a separate look we will allocate the bezbachkovy toilet bowl connected specifically to a water pipe and having only Lets have a talk about toilet bowls
special valve for plum of water, put in action by means of the small-sized lever mechanism.

In a form of a bowl there are three main types of toilet bowls: usual all kozyrkovy, tarelchaty (with "platform") and funneled. Many of us are familiar with such phenomenon, as "splash" in water at its descent. "Platform" of a tarelchaty bowl eliminates from this problem, but introduces the new in our life. In – 1-x, the puddle of water which povsevremenno is present at insignificant deepening of "platform" often forms on the edges a zarzhavely rim (at absence in filter system). In – 2-x, in a case even an insignificant delay of the necessary washing off, on a toilet opposite smells can start to extend. Well, and in – 3-x, water flow will manage to wash away far not everything and consequently it will be necessary to take quite often in hands ершик.

In toilet bowls of kozyrkovy type "platform" described above is absent. The toilet bowl has a sloping inclined internal surface. Everything that appears in a toilet bowl of this type, in one stage gets to water. предутверждает distribution of smells also allows to save up it on water volume for washout. Modern models of toilet bowls of kozyrkovy type are projected such makary that at effect of "splash" splashes do not reach the sedentary.

The internal part of funneled toilet bowls represents a funnel which hole takes place, usually, in the center of a bowl. In funneled toilet bowls there are no splashes at water washing off, but, they can be created on a course of the process because the hole takes place actually directly under the sedentary.

On the organization of a washing-away stream toilet bowls can be with direct plums, radial funneled plums and shower plums. At shower to plum water supply occurs through the openings located in the closed ring of a rim and through the central opening at once.

On a way of fastening toilet bowls can be floor and navesnoy.

Floor toilet bowls are registered traditional, they are fixed specifically to a floor.

Lets have a talk about toilet bowls
Installation of hinged toilet bowls can be carried out by 2 methods: through system of the iron frames fixed in 2 points to a floor and in 2 – to a wall, or means of anchor bolts only to a wall. Without looking at external fragility and diminutiveness, hinged toilet bowls are capable to maintain any demanded loading.

For today toilet bowls make of different materials. There are models from glass, plastic, a stone, became and even gold, but it is most ideal to use the classical – from porcelain or faience.

Porcelain toilet bowls are registered on more long-term. Their term of operation makes about fifty years while the faience are calculated on thirty-forty. Porcelain washes more simply and cleaned, actually does not keep smells. Without looking at that faience in this plan loses to it, toilet bowls from санфаянса enjoy wide popularity. On external shape it is very difficult to nonspecialist to distinguish faience toilet bowls from the porcelain – both that and others become covered by a layer of high-quality enamel. Here therefore, upon purchase, by all means specify, the toilet bowl is made of what material.

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