We establish a toilet bowl

We establish a toilet bowl
Beginning the bathroom repair, practically each beginning house master asks a question – how to establish a toilet bowl? And the truth, work is very severe and responsible. Perhaps, even it is necessary to address for the help to specialists. If you are convinced of own forces and do not plan to pay to masters, having decided to perform all work without the aid of others, you should at least in theory find out how to establish a toilet bowl that during installation not to call acquaintances and not to specify a detail.

Installation of a new toilet bowl begins with installation old. At first merge water from a tank. Then disconnect a water supply pipe. To make it it is easy – simply turn off it from a tank and precisely also disconnect from a water supply system.

We establish a toilet bowl
More difficult part – dismantle of fastenings on a floor. If the toilet bowl is simply fastened by bolts, they are simple for turning off. And here if it is fixed by cement, it should be broken something languid. Often it is accompanied by cracks on the toilet bowl. Having removed fixing to a floor, incline a toilet bowl back – the maximum of the water remaining снутри of a toilet bowl then will incorporate.

After the bell detachment follows. It is in most cases used гофра which simply acts in film. If it is a metal or plastic bell, it should be disassembled or cut.

At once thrust in a sewer bell the latest drain гофру. At all this it is better to smear that party гофры, which comes into a ditch hermetic to provide the best density. While you prepare a toilet bowl for installation, stop up гофру with a rag that the opposite smell did not extend on all apartment.

Start toilet bowl installation.

We establish a toilet bowl
Prepare a place for installation. If it is necessary – drill openings for bolts. In an unpleasant case – prepare cement solution. As required it is necessary to level a floor by means of dense solution. Then establish a toilet bowl directly and press, having twirled саморезы. Samoreza it is necessary to tighten evenly – one behind one, but, without twisting up to the end one and starting for another. On another the perceptible distortion that will make operation of a toilet bowl not so pleasant can seem.

Remember: the coupler needs two-three days to dry up. Therefore these days it is not necessary to use of. It is not so pleasant, but now you can brag of the latest bathroom equipment and that understand how to establish a toilet bowl.

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