Also we will wash, and posushy

Also we will wash, and posushy
In almost all public institutions it is possible to behold automatic hand-driers. On the one hand, the necessary piece, and with another – why anybody did not guess till this moment скооперировать washing and drying of hands in one device?

Vobshchem, why anybody? Designers of Jiwei Zhang, Mingcang He, Jiaqi Wang and Kun Xu already designed the successful crane equipped with the integrated dryer. The novelty which has received the code title «Dry hands» promises to be rather comfortable. The dryer will get the idea the machine gun, but it is not necessary to be afraid that the crane without the aid of others will pass to «a drying mode» at the most inappropriate moment – for this purpose it needs to be developed first in horizontal situation, as is shown in a photo.Also we will wash, and posushy

While it is unclear, how there will be запитываться a dryer and whether she will own sufficient capacity. In any case, the similar device hardly will be suitable for house use, but here in shopping centers, cafe and other public places it obviously will appear useful! The new crane will be not only is only even more compact than ordinary dryers and will allow to get rid of turns to them in the absence of cardboard towels.

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