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Water for life 14

Very much almost everything is in dependence from a water depth. It is usually considered to be that if water is on depth more than 12 meters, the organization of a well is irrational. For an ordinary well it is possible to use and submersible pumps though the superficial are more often used. But it is necessary to hold in the head that the superficial pump can raise water on height of 8 meters. To dig out and equip a traditional well time and Continue reading

Modern faecal submersible pumps of the German production

Modern pogruzhny the faecal pump serves for lifting of different liquids from a deep water, also it at a certain improvement is applied to lifting of liquids in what gases can be dissolved. There are two main types of that deposit it respectively shtangovy and bezshtangovy pumps which differ temper of the respective motor. Area of introduction of such pumps quite wide they also are used as for removal of faecal waters, at oil production and the Continue reading

Ditch of the suburban house

Ditch of the suburban house
If your cottage has no ditch of the centralized type, you should solve given dely without the aid of others: or to equip on the household district a waste hole which needs to be cleaned often, or to solve a question a method of acquisition of the faecal pump. the 1st decision is rather excellent, but it is asked invariable expenses on cleanings of a waste hole by forces by the specialist of the company. Costs at acquisition of the faecal pump Continue reading

Pump equipment

Any of us against will never have a rest from invariable city bustle somewhere in the country. Spotless air, a silky grass under feet – all this naturally is very healthy, but at all this in certain cases anywhere will not get to and from different household inconveniences, for example, with supply by water. Perfectly, when there is a centralized water supply, as in the small town. Well and if is not present – better at once to organize independent Continue reading

How to choose the pump for a well

How to choose the pump for a well
At construction of the personal house bezizbezhno there is a question of water supply and if you decided to be based in own housing «seriously and for a long time», to you is necessary, so called, artesian well.

Deep-well water lies on depth at least 25-30M (happens 70, 100 and there are more meters underground) under the pressure of boundaries waterproof rocky layers. Such water is firmly isolated from a surface and consequently cannot Continue reading

We choose the water pump for giving

We choose the water pump for giving
On a country site not to do without in any way some water. It is necessary for watering of a kitchen garden and for different household needs. Because to drag water from a well not always pleasant occupation and labor-consuming, means it is necessary to provide itself with water other method. The well or such well popular at present, a hose and the pump for this purpose is useful. But if with the first пт everything is clear, a pump choice – Continue reading

The new pump – the successful and long-term

The new pump - the successful and long-term
The sewer pump – a thing very suitable, in particular in the personal house. The recognizable producer of the pump equipment let out not so long ago a curious novelty which can become not substitution part of your dwelling.

The Multilift model represents the sewer pump with the tank for collecting a waste. The tank is made of plastic steady against corrosion in the seamless way and therefore the producer promises long service life – an Continue reading

For what pumps are necessary for pools as such pumps


Modern pumps for pools represent very basic element of structure of the pool, the pump, naturally, is an imperceptible detail, but specifically everything depends on that detail very much almost and she here plays truly a significant role. The modern pump considerably influences a water filtration in the pool and provides continuous special circulation of applied water. That pump not only only provide water supply and serves for a uniform Continue reading