The main stages of assembly of pipelines – 1 part

The main stages of assembly of pipelines - 1 part
Many pipelines have difficult spatial structure and contain a number of different details, such as branches iron, transitions iron concentric or tees shtamposvarny.

Assembly of parts of pipelines is not difficult and consists of several steps:

1. Before pipe assembly, iron and other details laboriously smooth out tees, releasing them from stuck грязищи, scales and rusts. It is most ideal to create cleaning by means of the electronic or pneumatic manual tool – grinding machines. Often such operation make by means of a metal brush. But it does not provide appropriate property of cleaning and, as a result, welded connection. Laboriously smoothed out should be not only only end faces and facets of pipes and details and external and internal surfaces of pipes on size of 10 mm and more. It is connected by that in the course of welding the seam will have certain, from time to time rather considerable, width and bezizbezhno will grasp dirt and a rust from pipe surfaces.

The main stages of assembly of pipelines - 1 part
2. On the second step of a pipe, tees iron and other details are exposed from each other. It is very responsible stage on which it is necessary to arrange different details so that there were flat or spatial elements, in accuracy ought to the drawing, also to provide the best gap between end faces of details. The divergence of end faces of pipes will result in unequal quality of a seam and loss of geometry of a final element.

3. Assembly on prikhvatka. Prikhvatka – a welded seam small the lengths, providing reliable connection of details for transportation to an installation site or a welding post. At small diameters of pipes enough 3rd prikhvatok, moderately located on a pipe circle. At huge diameters (300 and mm there is more) their quantity can be increased to 4 and more. The length of a prikhvatka The main stages of assembly of pipelines - 1 part
should not surpass 400 mm. Prikhvatka is obliged to have vtochnost the same characteristics (height etc.), as the 1st welding seam. Welding is carried out by just the same electrodes or a wire.

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