Water for life 8

I, will honest tell, did not plan дискуссировать methods of preparation of hot water at the central supply. But the brutal comment to previous article pushes me to it. Well and from a subject, we speak about quality of water, we not so will deviate. But the reader will not be misled. Also will know, he should count on what quality of hot water. All the matter is that distribution at us was received by two various methods of preparation of hot water, these are boiler rooms and combined heat and power plant. And the most important, as water at various methods has various quality.

Water for life 8

Fig. 1. Boiler room.

Let’s make out older method, preparation of hot water in boiler rooms. Us what it burns interests not so much, and from where takes water. In most cases it is water from a water supply system which has drinking standard. If the pipeline between a boiler room and the house in a quite good condition, additional pollution is small. Naturally, time temperature is higher, and corrosion will be higher, than in pipelines with cool water. But, all the same, usually there are enough filters of rough cleaning.
As we know, the most part of the electric power at us is developed on KES (kondensatsionny power plant), they were called earlier still by state district power stations. At such stations of the turbine turn at the expense of peregrety steam. The efficiency of such stations usually is not higher than 30 %. But after the turbine there is a steam, its energy on electricity development has not enough, but it is possible to use for other purposes. For example, for water heating. So there were combined heat and power plants. The efficiency at them increased to 80 %. However, it is necessary to deliver it to stations, but hot water to apartments that lowers profitability. Combined heat and power plant big constructions therefore, can stuff with heat huge areas and whole the small town. Only they clear water to level technical, instead of drinking. Therefore, quality of that water will be even lower, than from a boiler room.

Water for life 8

Fig. 2. Combined heat and power plant.

There is a modern version, and a prestigious word a cogeneration. The aviation cursor which has been quite often written off undertakes, and is used for electricity generation. By means of heat exchangers heat by which water is heated acts in film from the motor. As fuel natural gas is used. Such device can stuff with heat and the electric power some apartment houses or the small residential district. It is called gas-turbine station, and it is considered the most effective. Water undertakes, usually, and a water supply system.
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