Pipe from the cross sewed cellophane

Years eight back it was possible to be at an Uponor company seminar. There was a presentation of pipes for water supply and Wirsbo and Unipipe heating. About metalplastic pipes of Unipipe I will not speak, though pipes very worthy (cost, to chagrin, too).

Especially it would be desirable тормознуть on pipes from the cross sewed Wirsbo cellophane. I will tell honest, at first, they seemed to me not serious, very much the usual design more similar on the meccano. For the end of a pipe the polyethylene ring after that the internal diameter of a pipe extends special pincers is put on, and the fitting is inside inserted.Pipe from the cross sewed cellophane
After the pipe without the aid of others nobody time presses out a fitting. Intrigued that pipes own molecular memory. In other words, it is possible to bend or expand a pipe, then to warm up and it takes an initial form. Thanks to this property, it was decided to carry out tests of pipes at a dacha, and it is concrete, to make water distributing on a site.

Fitting from brass and a composit material (without considering tees), because of their nakladnost, for the period of country tests, was changed on self-made (the turner against a standard made them of a brass rod within an hour). The pipe kept within on depth of one and a half bayonet of a shovel, below earth level not to destroy it during time перекопки.

The system works without troubles already three seasons. Water for the winter does not incorporate, and pipes are not blown. Any leakages and signs of defrosting it is not seen.

When time of substitution of pipes in the apartment with their laying came to a wall with the following facing by a tile, the choice was obvious – the cross sewed cellophane. One more obvious plus of such pipes is lack of the rubber sealants which service life is limited. Naturally a fitting should be used unique not to lose a guarantee (it makes 50 years). In a wall I cut through channels shtroborezy, and then hollowed the puncher with a chisel. Because Wirsbo pipe diameter of 16 mm., at the hidden installation keeps within in гофре a diameter of 20 mm., штробу in a wall it is necessary to do with diameter calculation гофры.Pipe from the cross sewed cellophane

Shutoff valves together with a collector it is more convenient to arrange in the integrated iron locker. After adjustment of pipes in the sizes and connections to a fitting, a collector and water sockets of the mixer, I waited two hours and opened water supply in system. Having convinced that there are no leakages, covered pipes with plaster and revetted walls with a tile.

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