Shower for the galactic ship? Or for… drawing room?

Shower for the galactic ship? Or for... drawing room?
The companies which are letting out bathroom equipment, do not cease to strike us! Here and at the next exhibition «Mosbild – 2013» the large quantity of the fascinating novelties, one of which – the "invisible" shower pallet was shown.

Looking at this model under «Xetis» title, involuntarily you start to think that her founders, maybe, will sometime project interiors of the galactic ships, after all specifically there all should be subordinated to serious functionality without excessive details. Well, «Xetis» completely corresponds to this requirement and, besides, is capable to satisfy taste of the most exacting esthete.

The shower pallet (though would be more exact to call it a shower surface) represents a leaf of the enameled steel in width of only 3,5 mm with perfectly disguised system plum. A novelty it is possible is sensitive to "drown" in a bathroom floor, and it is possible and to throw aflush – thanks to a small winding water will begin to flow only there where it is necessary. Vobshchem why it is concrete in a bathroom? Designers suggest to establish similar systems anywhere, though in a drawing room! Sounds as a joke, but everyone can be – look at a photo. However, at all this the hidden installation for the shower is useful.

In the Xetis collection you find 13 pallets of the various color, capable to be entered actually in though what interior. By the way, all of them have an anti-sliding covering that does a novelty not only only elegant and harmless.

Shower for the galactic ship? Or for... drawing room?
Shower for the galactic ship? Or for... drawing room?

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