Press gas! The mixer with … a pedal

Press gas! The mixer with … a pedal
That will be not not invented only by these designers! To take, for example, a niche of kitchen mixers is a real range for tests of new models. And, apparently, we contemplated already all probable types of mixers – the highest and low, equipped with different sensors and aerator, with sliding hoses and without them … And is not present, designers will always find, than to amaze.

The recognizable producer of bathroom equipment, the Dornbracht company, presented a novelty of 2013 – the eUnit mixer. This model for the first time was issued in January, at the imm Cologne exhibition in Cologne. What after all that fascinating in the most ordinary on the 1st look the mixer? In – 1-x, the electric "stuffing", allowing to keep control practically all – from water temperature to its expense. It not simply mixer, is the whole kitchen system. Function of dispensing of water will help you to save up considerably, after all it precisely measures the necessary quantity of water for a certain recipe. Press gas! The mixer with … a pedal
Three liters – mean, three liters, and drops are more!

In – 2-x, «eUnit» is equipped … with a pedal. The foot sensor allows to switch on and off water without the aid of hands. But for what?! We not in the car! Though if to think, it is very comfortable: when process of manufacturing of food rages, forgive for a pun, and hands povsevremenno something are occupied, possibility to "connect" besides feet will accelerate work. Well also it is not necessary to catch at the crane soiled in fish or meat hands that too plus. Not without reason similar mixers are long since used by professional cooks, and «Dornbracht» will help them to seem with each house.

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