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Shower cabins.

On my look, the greatest discrepancy at arrangement of a bathroom is the choice of high-quality bathroom equipment. Now I wish тормознуть on shower booths in more detail. Presently they became so popular that actually forced out baths. In it there is nothing unusual, it is very difficult to modern person to allocate a lot of time for bath acceptance. It is even more quick and more pleasant to bathe under a shower.

At a choice of a shower cabin Continue reading

The cleverest shower

The cleverest shower
Our life is almost unreal to present for itself without that benefit of a civilization as a shower. Ablution under streams of water flying from above helps us to cheer up in the afternoon and to relax in the evening, but at all this borrows absolutely a little time. Though it is impossible to tell about a consumption of water of that, and fans поплескаться usually with grief look at the come accounts.

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We establish a shower cabin

We establish a shower cabin
The shower cabin is not only only ordinary shower to which we got used. The shower cabin now is a comfortable place where it is possible to relax pleasantly, after labor day or a hot summer heat. Many models of booths are completed with an abundance of additional functions. Here to you and massage of feet, under listening of the loved melodies on FM – radio, it is possible to fill a bath and to luxuriate under a hydromassage at neon illumination. Continue reading

Shower for the galactic ship? Or for… drawing room?

Shower for the galactic ship? Or for... drawing room?
The companies which are letting out bathroom equipment, do not cease to strike us! Here and at the next exhibition «Mosbild – 2013» the large quantity of the fascinating novelties, one of which – the "invisible" shower pallet was shown.

Looking at this model under «Xetis» title, involuntarily you start to think that her founders, maybe, will sometime project interiors of the galactic ships, after all specifically there all should Continue reading

It is more than color in soul and in soul

It is more than color in soul and in soul
Popularity of shower cabins grows not on days, and on hours. Many people already replaced usual baths with small-sized and elegant cabins. It is logical that designers take great pain them to decorate, to take a shower was not only it is only comfortable and esthetically pleasant!

For example, Brown Rasheed presented to our attention the shower pallets painted in its corresponding, simply recognizable manner. And here designers from Antonio Continue reading

Such unique … shower booths

Production of the Kermi company differs the highest reliability, the overestimated comfort and quality of products. More than 40 years Kermi is engaged in creation of shower booths, and Such unique … shower booths
specialists of the company put all own professionalism, skill and long experience in each product, each latest collection.

Thanks to harmonious work of real masters of own business shower booths from Kermi is a harmonious combination magnificent, prestigious Continue reading

Shower cabins

Shower cabins are for today a usual product of sanitary mission. The shower cabin represents special fenced and suitable image the equipped place for shower acceptance. Shower cabins can be executed in the opened and closed executions. Open shower cabins fence a zone smothering partly. One of internal walls of such shower cabins usually is the existing wall of a bathroom. Also they can be constructed simply between 2 walls and доукомплектованы Continue reading

Shower cabin: the best option – standard, advanced

Shower cabin: the best option – standard, advanced
The most part of owners of apartments and houses try to keep more empty seat in each of rooms, therefore select more rational options of the equipment and furniture to equip a room according to modern standards.

One of such innovations is the shower cabin of Acqua 5000, Duka from special type of glass – the tempered glass, which thickness of 8 mm. Consumers have possibility to choose and get a booth with dim glass with a grayish opaque Continue reading

Complete turn!

To establish shower booths in rooms of the small area it is very comfortable. And the place in a malekhanky bathroom to be saved, and to use a booth very comfortably, and the modern, easy design of such designs pleasantly amuses an eye.

Besides delivers bolshushchy pleasure that fact that producers of shower ogorazhivaniye povsevremenno try to improve the production and let out on the market a large quantity of new fascinating models. For Continue reading

To remain on communication, taking a shower

To remain on communication, taking a shower
The most part of designers make all efforts to create shower booths with very weakening effect. And here the Chinese designer of Fei Chung Billy Ho went absolutely other method, having developed the project of a multimedia shower cabin of Le Terme which with furor and presented at the competition Reece Bathroom Innovations Awards 2012. The novelty is calculated on people with an active actual position which, even accepting water procedures, Continue reading