We establish the mixer

We establish the mixer
If you started a complete repair of kitchen or a bathroom, mixer installation becomes one of the most burning questions. It truly basic business. Not so such difficult as can seem, but very responsible. The quite leaky adjusted detail to flood neighbors.

The mixer is intended for mixing of cool and hot water and, respectively, receiving warm. Upon purchase of the mixer it is necessary to direct special attention for the length излива. If you choose, very small having given vent, water can thrash in a bath board, rising a fountain of splashes. Very much the long having merged it is not so comfortable at work. It is necessary to choose the mixer having average length излива.

To begin installation follows not from a question how to establish the mixer, and with a question WHERE to establish the mixer. It is most ideal to choose a place on 10-15 cm higher than bathroom or sink boards – it is considered to be that option good.

So, the mixer is chosen, a place for installation too, it is possible to start installation. At first block supply of hot and cool water. Then you will have no troubles at switching off of the old mixer. The adjustable spanner will help you to turn off bolts with which the starenky mixer fastened to water supply pipes.

Remember, in a question how to establish the mixer, trifles are very important! For example, before installation of the new mixer by all means it is necessary to wind a carving of cranes with a special sealant. Here completely will approach as фумлента, tow, and an ordinary linen thread. Thanks to it water will not manage to get through cracks. Thus to reel up it follows non-uniformly – at first a carving of a sealant should be less, and at the end – it is more. But after all the carving should act a little – also it is worth to remember about it.

We establish the mixer
Now it is possible to start installation of the new mixer. In certain cases when the diameter of pipes of a diameter does not coincide with a diameter of pipes of a water supply system, it is necessary to use the special adapters smoothing a difference. Press the new mixer to pipes and strongly tighten nuts. Start up water and check, whether water follows. If follows – tighten nuts more abruptly, also smear threads with hermetic.

Well, that’s all. Now you understand how to establish the mixer and as required can make it without the aid of others.

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