Simple ditch in the rural house

Very quite often we have no ability to make repair in the ancient rural house which, for example, got to us in heritage from the grandmother. Or the house was bought without the aid of others because very much it would be desirable to get over to live to the country, and here funds for making it presentable any more did not suffice.

For this purpose, to solve the most essential difficulties which are connected with sewerage and water supply system many means it will not be necessary. But these ordinary and cheap acts will allow to live before repair in comparative comfort.
Though what construction of the suburban house as it is prosy and ordinary sounds, begins with the toilet device. It is easy to allocate a place in the house, to fence it and to put there a dry closet. Costs – small, and conveniences – the best, it is obvious to temporary option. The unique minus – expendables. The waters delivered from another countries for dry closets there is enough road, but it is possible to find the Russian analogs which, however, all the same should be taken often.
The subsequent question – water supply. If on a site there is a well or a well, special troubles will not arise. In an unpleasant case it is necessary to drill, dig, or to be released from convenience in favor of economy and to carry water from the general well.
Having on a water source nearby to the house, it is possible to carry out water from it specifically to the house.

It will be for this purpose necessary to get a pipe and pump station. Recognizing that the temporary option is considered, it is possible to test to save up the pump. But if is planned to begin house repair recently, it is better to take the pump equipment with supplies, counting on increase of quantity of points of the use of water.
The pump station in the house is established, the best place for it considered a warm cellar where not so will stir very much noise from operation of the motor. To have the device it is necessary in concrete proximity with the socket.
The pipe is necessary for this purpose to bring water specifically to pump station, from it to the crane water can move on a flexible eyeliner. So, a pipe, the pipe should be dug in and warmed, in an unpleasant case as frosts will knock more strongly, the house risks to remain without water. For warming of a pipe it is possible to use modern heatinsulating materials. It is also possible to lay heating cable in a pipe. Such wires at all appeared so long ago in our market and already began to use great popularity. Power consumption of a heating cable it is insignificant, on joint account for an electricity, it actually does not affect. It is possible to lay that wire and in a pipe on which sewage leaves.

All councils listed above and councils are desirable, but are unessential. It is possible to live in the ancient house and without any conveniences, there would be a desire to save up, but small comfort which can be reached, having spent small means, will brighten up life waiting for the best times.

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