Plastic pipes of

For many years iron pipes were a basis actually all systems of water supply. But a zaintrigovannost in increase in durability of systems and as in fall of their metal consumption, always set thinking on application of the pipes made of new types of materials. For today polymers (base of all plastic pipes) became such other materials. The beginning of introduction of these materials opened the latest era in the history of water supply. For today the market of pipes made of polymeric materials develops rather quick rates.

Actually all versions of plastic (polymeric) pipes own a number of positive properties. They are very durable. Term of their operation in few times more than iron. On the average it makes about fifty years.

Because polymers cannot enter chemical reactions, plastic pipes own stability against corrosion.

Besides, plastic pipes own low heatconductivity, small weight, possibility both external, and the hidden laying, a small shumnost of a water stream, ecological purity and simplicity of installation.

As a whole it is possible to refer impossibility of use to defects of plastic pipes at the organization of a fire-prevention water supply system, limitation when using in systems of heating and hot water supply, and as absence of uniform technology of installation of all versions of pipes. Though, the above-mentioned can be carried not to defects of plastic pipes, and to their features.
Plastic pipes of

Pipes for today belong to the main types of plastic pipes from polyvinylchloride (PVC, CPVC), the cellophane (RE), the sewed cellophane (REH), polypropylene (RR), and as metalplastic pipes (PEX-AL-PEX).

In the middle of plastic pipes by one of the first in systems of water supply pipes from polyvinylchloride began to be applied. For the real moment of a pipe from polyvinylchloride (PVC) and the chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC) find extensive application in sewer systems, systems of hot and cool water supply, and as in different technological systems (including in the food industry).

From polyvinylchloride it is possible to carry the subsequent to features of pipes:
– connection of pipes becomes in a bell on a rubber cuff or way of chemical welding;
– for connection of pipes, in view of their rigidity, a special fitting is used;
– it is allowed both external laying of pipes, and the mounted system of pipelines hidden, thus, at external laying looks tidy very much;
– in view of low cost of polyvinylchloride, the price of systems of pipelines from this material is lower, than from others.
Plastic pipes of

Pipes from polypropylene are issued single-layered and multilayer. To single-layered designs, except a gomopolimer of polypropylene, belong polypropylene block copolymer, and as static copolymer of polypropylene (PP RANDOM COPOLYMER). Multilayer designs differ a reinforcing material as which aluminum and fiber glass are used.

Pipes from polypropylene usually have length of 4 meters, the range of external diameters in the main thing varies in borders from 16 to 125 mm. Connection of pipes and a fitting is carried out by way of thermoplastic welding by means of special erection facilities. The range of a fitting comprises a fitting with carvings that gives the chance to connect polipropilenovy pipes to available iron pipelines. It is dependent on a look, polipropilenovy pipes find the application at the device of cool and hot water supply, heating, and as as technological pipelines, including strips on transportation of chemically brutal substances and the food goods.
Plastic pipes of

For the device of external and internal systems of pressure head and beznaporny pipelines pipes from cellophane are used. It is dependent on size of working pressure polyethylene pipes are divided into types. Connection of polyethylene pipes is dependent on each certain option can is carried out or a special fitting with sealing rings, or by means of electrowelded couplings. As polyethylene pipes can cook end-to-end.

For this purpose, that cellophane at molecular level caught more the highest prochnostny properties and became more resistant to influences of big temperatures, it subject to special processing under the highest pressure. Tselofan who has passed similar processing call «the sewed polyethylene». Pipes from the sewed cellophane (PEX pipe) use for water supply and heating systems. Installation becomes with application of a special blooming fitting. Quite extensive distribution of a pipe from the sewed cellophane received in systems of a snegotayaniye and water heat-insulated floors.

Metalplastic pipes entered the market a system of materials relatively not so long ago. Actually, they represent the same REH-truby, снутри which the additional layer of aluminum is established. The design of metalplastic pipes possesses the highest durability and quite good corrosion firmness. The Trudozatratnost of installation works when using pipes of this look is minimized. Metalplastic pipes differ small value of factor of thermal expansion that provides their stability actually at all temperature drops.

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