History of pipes of

History of pipes of
The 1st standards of pipes can be met in historical chronicles of times of the Roman Empire, also at excavation of the cities of the Old East. At that time they were made of a tree, namely – a bamboo, also from clay, and did one of 2 functions or worked as a water supply system, or – as sewer branch. But already in Old Rome started to try to create pipes from metal, in particular from lead of which was at that time extracted very much and it was pliable to processing. But lead preferred not to use later, because saw its negative impact on health that proved to be true during innumerable research works of its parameters and impact on the person later.

Industrial creation of pipes including square and squared, received the beginning after scientific and technical revolution when various factories and manufactories started to fill the world. And though in the Russian Federation pipes started to make in industrial scale still in royal time, but in 1913 its shred in this sphere of world production made about 2 %.

By 2007-2008 in the Russian Federation steel creation, and production from it, достигнуло that volume that it History of pipes of
outstripped a number of the countries and began to take the 4th place in this branch, and on production of specifically pipes – the third. Also it is on the 3rd place (the 1st and the 2nd belongs to China and.Стране a rising sun) on production export from steel to other countries.

At present it is possible to say that our homeland surely holds the positions among 5 leaders of global producers not only only steel as such and specifically History of pipes of
hire, namely – pipes. Leadership in this market is conclusive belongs to China which surely develops the production abilities and intensively uses the potential put by the nature a.yaponiya is on the second place, and that closes number of Asian favourites in the field of metallurgy and hire as for the 3rd place active rivalry is conducted by the USA and our homeland. These two countries have approximately equal positions on volume of production, but the Russian Federation has more large-scale potential for the forthcoming development that allows to say about the highest chances to overtake America and strong to take the third place in the world became also rolling pipes.

In the industry profile pipes are used in almost all branches. Priyemushchestvenno is construction where they are used both for production of designs, and for laying gazo-and water supply systems, sewer drains. Quite often square iron pipes meet when manufacturing marketing boards and boards, in automotive industry, agriculture and in the oil-extracting sphere.

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