King of bathroom equipment

2-3 more decades back the word "toilet bowl" caused in many of us a grin. And upon purchase of so suitable device in shop the client had «the mixed a feeling»: confusions and pleasures. Confusions because of a product piquancy, and pleasure – because so scarce thing at last is acquired.

In the current time everything cardinally exchanged, the concept was gone: the shortcoming, also overcome there was also our "hypocrisy".

Not including that, today’s models have also purely practical advantages. For example, system double water plum. It is dependent on grandness of the made actions, intensity of a stream, for removal of «an activity product», can be different … Certainly that toilet bowls passed typical stages of evolution. In an essence, speaking about this lovely device, we mean not only only "receiver", but also and elements accompanying it. Here therefore, use a word even more often: compact. We already long since do not pull a chain or a lace, and at all we do not lower the lever to hear falls sound, – more often we simply press the button on a tank. It is not excluded that it will be done by electronics soon.

Crane to the crane discord.

Actually all sanitary systems need the locking adaptations providing a perekryvaniye of a stream, moving on the pipeline. Namely the crane spherical does such function very successfully. Such cranes can be iron, corrosion-proof or from other material. Design feature of these models will be that as a locking element of that crane the sphere, unlike applied earlier pith cranes (gates) serves.

At bathroom equipment installation cranes of that type became simply неподменны. Usually them establish on the ordinary semi-inch pipeline though the diameter of spherical cranes and their material happen various. For example, ekoplastikovy systems of water supply also are equipped with similar shutoff valves. That after all concerns metal wares, to receive them most ideal at the companies – the manufacturers giving a guarantee on the production since to chagrin, because of the highest demand for it there are also bad fakes.

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