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Country ditch the hands

Owners of country sites face discrepancy of utilization of the goods of activity. Usually, the solution of a question does not arrange with a method of construction of a wood toilet as it not only only not esthetically and does not help out from opposite smells many.

In such cases it is possible to use the next ways:
1. Cesspool construction;
2. Introduction of station of bio cleaning.
Both these option take place to be. At a choice the Continue reading

Systems of water supply of a cottage

Systems of water supply of a cottage
Basic step of construction of own house is design and laying of communications. For ensuring comfort in housing it is required to make water supply system. This process means carrying out a complex of works on arrangement of a well or to well drilling, selection and installation of filters, the pump equipment and pipelines.

The most usual method by means of which it is possible to organize house water supply, well digging is. The option approaches Continue reading

Water for life 9

We dealt with quality of hot water. Let even water will be technical standard, it can be used for washing of a floor, ware or washing. Sanitary standards allow it to use and for reception of a bathroom or a shower. Yes, in this case we by all means will dilute it with cool water, in other words water of drinking property. And here, to drink such water, or to use it for manufacturing of food should it is recommended, and it is forbidden. So, let’s Continue reading

Independent ditch

In recent years the quantity of suburban houses increased many times over. Many country houses grew to the fine mansions buried in verdure and rescuing them of owners from city noise and vanity. To such houses the overestimated demands are made to comfort.

The sewerage upclassing on a site appears one of the most severe troubles at all this. Hardly you will accept an ancient method which used in last century – a hole and "lodge" Continue reading

Water for life 3

With sources we were caused. With groups of the use too. It is possible to run across to a reality. Let’s begin with the most usual and mass option. It will be the central water supply and drinking water. Mass this option will be because of that scheme of supply of our cities, at first apartment houses. Though to that system connect also naiblezhayshy cottage settlements. We a little will expand option, here we still will include independent systems Continue reading

The best systems and ways of cleaning also that such turnaround осмос

Processing of water which arrives to us from a certain natural source, not always corresponds to norms and production requirements therefore process of a filtration, water preparation and additional cleaning has very huge value. Methods and quality of processing and preparation of water it is described and Sanpin where hygienic requirements and the general control of property also are specified is normalized. The system on water cleaning Continue reading

Ditch the hands

Ditch the hands
Sewerage installation in the personal house completely can be to execute by own efforts, it is necessary to know and adhere to certain rules only.
Before starting installation of struts it is necessary to know that them bring together from the bottom point and conduct up. To connect plastic pipes to a siphon of a bath, a sink or a wash basin it is necessary to use special goffered transitional the cuffs which one edge is connected to a sewer Continue reading

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands

How to make a water supply system at a dacha by the hands
People adore to come on giving not only only for work therapy in a garden and in a kitchen garden, but also for rest on the freshest air. Both for that and for other purpose water supply system laying is simply necessary. In this article we will tell how to make a water supply system at a dacha.

Water supply system device

The water supply system consists of system of pipes on which water from a source (a well, a well or the centralized Continue reading

We choose the filter for water

We choose the filter for water
You had to move? Or at last saved up for the car? And everything is excellent. But there is an aspect – water appeared very rigid for equipment, or very chlorinated – in the latest apartment.

What to do? Delema the filter for water cleaning will help to solve!

Before it to choose, it is necessary to be caused, why it is necessary for you to clear water: for food manufacturing that from water there was no scum on equipment.

We are Continue reading

Methods of receiving water

Methods of receiving water
One of the most important steps of arrangement of a suburban site is providing the dwelling with drinking water. Naturally, it is possible to carry water buckets from a naiblezhayshy column or neighbors, but it only when the suburban house plays a giving role for temporary residence. But even in this case it is better to get the source of water supply, not to mention the suburban house in what live povsevremenno. Here it is possible to go in Continue reading