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Drainage systems. Ordering and device

Drainage systems. Ordering and device
On orientation in space allocate the vertical, horizontal and combined drainage systems.

Vertical water taking away designs can be executed in the 3rd options:

– Wells with the nasosono-power equipment. That type of a drainage is applied to drainage of liftovy mines and other deeply located rooms, in cottage construction actually is not used.

– Soaking-up wells. Are effective only in certain criteria when under a water-bearing Continue reading

Industrial cleaning of water

For providing a continuous cycle of production it is necessary to pay special attention to industrial cleaning of water. At bad water preparatory installation or incorrectly chosen technology of industrial cleaning possibility of violation of production that can lead though what enterprise to significant losses because the expensive equipment can fail is great.

Industrial cleaning of water needs to be made at the enterprises of various branches Continue reading

Modern ways of cleaning of water also that such turnaround осмос

The modern filter for cleaning of water represents the special device clearing water of chlorine, different particles, impurity, languid metals, microbes and viruses. Such cleaning happens the 3rd types, in other words there can be household ordinary filters, also filters of average and highest degree for cleaning of drinking water. The most high-quality and good cleaning is carried out by the household obratnoosmotichesky filter which provides Continue reading

Water cleaning by way of flotation as a method of protection of reservoirs from pollution

Water cleaning by way of flotation as a method of protection of reservoirs from pollution
Now the need for fresh water is high in the world, and discrepancy of preservation аква sources, their protection against industrial drains is very sharp. One of often meeting methods of water purification is water cleaning by way of flotation.

The word "flotation" was formed from the French verb of "Flotter" that practically means «to float on a water surface. Flotation is a method of cleaning of water by means Continue reading

At first there was … a water

At arrangement of the suburban house it is necessary to place values. For a start we will be defined, whether there is a gas and light in your mansion if yes, that it is necessary to learn a question of availability of water (water in a well as you realize, is not an example conveniences of life in the suburban house). It follows from this that all conveniences, including water, should be specifically in the house. Option – to bring it in Continue reading

Water for life 11

Well drilled, the equipment established, now it is necessary to make the decision that to us with water further to do. Let’s begin with drinking water. Somehow in consciousness it developed that spring water, and water from wells completely can be equated to it, it is even better water. In fact it not so. And the most awful that we know nothing about quality of that water. And here, about water to us it is clear that it arrives in a water supply Continue reading

Water for life 4

Very quite often it is possible to hear that without considering the filter of rough cleaning it is necessary to establish still the filter for additional cleaning of water, then it becomes drinking. It already sounded even in comments to this series of articles. Well it is possible to tell? Advertizing services of producers of different filters for water work perfectly! For certain, there were absolutely few our citizens who would not try such Continue reading

Rules of installation of a septic tank in criteria of the suburban house

Rules of installation of a septic tank in criteria of the suburban house
Caught suburban the house? Then it is necessary for you to think of one of the main troubles – sewerage installation. In particular if its central line is absent. In that case to you it is necessary a septic tank.

What is the septic tank?

The septic tank is a part of a local construction for cleaning of sewage. Without it not to manage in any suburban house around which there is no ditch. Usually installation of a septic tank Continue reading

Topas, is unique and effective cleaning of sewage

Modern cleaning of sewage represents the whole complex of different actions of pollution carried out for removal which contain in waste industrial and household waters. Three main methods are applied to that cleaning, such as mechanical, bio and physical and chemical cleaning, also also additional disinfection of waters from time to time is used. The house special station for cleaning under the title Topas which is created for professional cleaning Continue reading

Water for life 17

At the very beginning of this series of articles, it was noted, as rain water can be a source. Thus, for watering of the same kitchen garden it used since old times. Actually in each rural house there was a barrel where from a roof rain water gathered. To collect water it is even simpler, than to drag it from a well or from the river. In villages then even simple water supply systems were a rarity. About its property. So after all a rain and so Continue reading