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Water for life 17

At the very beginning of this series of articles, it was noted, as rain water can be a source. Thus, for watering of the same kitchen garden it used since old times. Actually in each rural house there was a barrel where from a roof rain water gathered. To collect water it is even simpler, than to drag it from a well or from the river. In villages then even simple water supply systems were a rarity. About its property. So after all a rain and so Continue reading

Water for life 12

Quite often it appears that and it is not necessary to clean deep-well water. In the majority of regions quality of water at us after all the good. But after all, if water asks adjustments, there is a question, and whether it is necessary to clean all water? It is clear that the requirement to drinking water and water for technical needs after all various. Therefore, for technical needs of any ionoobmenny filters can and not be useful.

Water for life 12

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New independent systems of the sewerage

New independent systems of the sewerage on a modern step of building of separately standing inhabited objects give the chance to solve the difficulties connected with water removal of economic drains in case of lack of the sewer and centralized highway of water supply. Such systems of the sewerage help to remove a watery and firm waste of activity of the person, also clear of impurity sewage. Printsipny operability of independent systems of the Continue reading