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Water for life 4

Very quite often it is possible to hear that without considering the filter of rough cleaning it is necessary to establish still the filter for additional cleaning of water, then it becomes drinking. It already sounded even in comments to this series of articles. Well it is possible to tell? Advertizing services of producers of different filters for water work perfectly! For certain, there were absolutely few our citizens who would not try such Continue reading

Rules of installation of a septic tank in criteria of the suburban house

Rules of installation of a septic tank in criteria of the suburban house
Caught suburban the house? Then it is necessary for you to think of one of the main troubles – sewerage installation. In particular if its central line is absent. In that case to you it is necessary a septic tank.

What is the septic tank?

The septic tank is a part of a local construction for cleaning of sewage. Without it not to manage in any suburban house around which there is no ditch. Usually installation of a septic tank Continue reading

Topas, is unique and effective cleaning of sewage

Modern cleaning of sewage represents the whole complex of different actions of pollution carried out for removal which contain in waste industrial and household waters. Three main methods are applied to that cleaning, such as mechanical, bio and physical and chemical cleaning, also also additional disinfection of waters from time to time is used. The house special station for cleaning under the title Topas which is created for professional cleaning Continue reading