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Types of a drainage

Types of a drainage
Dot small stones.

Dot small stones serves for collecting and assignment of rain and thawed snow from a certain place. This system includes:

– water waste a trench and the drainpipes protecting roofs and walls of constructions from dampness and zapyatanny потеков;

– dozhdepriyemnik – devices for local collecting the waters which are mounting under drainpipes, watering cranes and before an entrance door. Modern pridverny dozhdepriyemnik Continue reading

Drainage systems. Ordering and device

Drainage systems. Ordering and device
On orientation in space allocate the vertical, horizontal and combined drainage systems.

Vertical water taking away designs can be executed in the 3rd options:

– Wells with the nasosono-power equipment. That type of a drainage is applied to drainage of liftovy mines and other deeply located rooms, in cottage construction actually is not used.

– Soaking-up wells. Are effective only in certain criteria when under a water-bearing Continue reading

Industrial cleaning of water

For providing a continuous cycle of production it is necessary to pay special attention to industrial cleaning of water. At bad water preparatory installation or incorrectly chosen technology of industrial cleaning possibility of violation of production that can lead though what enterprise to significant losses because the expensive equipment can fail is great.

Industrial cleaning of water needs to be made at the enterprises of various branches Continue reading